The Phantom LIVES!

This September the  good folks at Hermes Press will be publishing a new Phantom comic that will return the Ghost Who Walks to his  original greatness. Written by Peter David and drawn by Sal Velutto, this book will be awesome heroic fun!

They’ve asked me to do a variant cover for the first issue and here it is. Jesus Aburto has done an awesome job on the colors. EXACTLY how I imagined it!


I wanted to do something a bit different for my cover. We’ve seen him in the jungle or fighting pirates ad nauseam. Africa is a huge continent so I thought it would be cool to set him in the mysterious Casbah of Algiers, where crime and wickedness abound (at least in the old movies).

As much as I loved the classic Sy Barry version of the Phantom, I’ve always been more influenced by Ray Moore (the strips’ original artist) and Don Newton’s version. Their Phantom was a man of shadows. Mysterious with a hint of danger.

This was a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I stopped doing the Sunday Phantom strip for King Features and this is my first return to the Skull Cave since then. Hopefully, not my last!


6 thoughts on “The Phantom LIVES!”

  1. Helt klart Social traveller! NÃ¥r jeg rejser med min familie søger vi altid væk fra turismen, og opholder os med de lokale. Spiser de smÃ¥ hyggelige og anderledes steder og forsøger pÃ¥ gebrokkent hvad-det-nu-mÃ¥-være-sprog! 🙂

  2. l’on veut comprendre en profondeur Racine, il faut beaucoup lire et beaucoup travailler ».Certes, Arrêteztout, mais dans le silence de sa chambrette, sans tympaniser le monde.Vous me faîtes décidément beaucoup rire.

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